Cyber Security Practice Services provide clients with affordable professional cyber security services and advice. Cyber Security Practice Services gives you the visibility and insight you need to improve your cyber security posture, prepare you for an upcoming audit or certification, or put processes and controls in place to identify and mitigate risk.

Our Practice Services are project-based engagements to ensure proper consideration is given to maintaining an acceptable level of risk and compliance within an organization.

The Cyber Security Practice Services team works closely with clients to understand their unique security challenges, develop customized solutions, and provide ongoing support to enhance their cybersecurity posture. Our goal is to help clients mitigate risks, protect their assets, and respond effectively to security incidents.

Cyber Security Landscape is very broad. The number of elements and dimensions involved in this landscape is surmounting and continuously growing. As Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), here are some common practices and services offered.

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Services Offered


Risk Assessment and Management

Conduct comprehensive assessments to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities in an organization's systems, networks, or processes. Developing risk management strategies and providing recommendations for mitigating those risks.


Identity and access management (IAM)

We provide the framework of policies and technologies for ensuring that the right people in an enterprise have the appropriate access to technology resources. Our services include the implementation and operation of identity platforms to help your organization manage any identity-related threats.


Red Team Assessment

Advanced ‘Red Team’ assessments use an inconceivable amount of human security engineering expertise to completely understand the threat impact of a cyber-attack against your organization.


Security Operation Center (SOC)

Our clients benefit from our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service. We offer end-to-end SOC as a service, which includes the technologies and SOC experts working 24 by 7 for securing your business.


Security Audits and Compliance Assessments

Performing audits to assess the effectiveness of existing security measures and ensure compliance with industry standards, regulations, or frameworks such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO 27001, etc.


Incident Response and Management

Assisting organizations in responding to security incidents, conducting investigations, and collecting evidence to determine the cause, extent, and impact of a cyberattack or breach. Collaborate with the vCISO to develop and enhance incident response plans, including the identification of potential threats, incident categorization, communication protocols, and post-incident analysis. Offer support during incidents, such as forensic analysis, evidence collection, and coordination with relevant stakeholders.


Security Architecture and Design

Designing and implementing robust security architectures, including network infrastructure, cloud environments, and application frameworks, to protect against threats and vulnerabilities


Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

Identifying vulnerabilities in systems, applications, or networks through assessments and performing controlled simulated attacks to gauge the effectiveness of security controls.


vCISO Services

Security Awareness Training: Educating employees and stakeholders about cybersecurity best practices, raising awareness about common threats, and promoting a security-conscious culture within the organization.

Security Strategy and Consulting: Providing strategic guidance and consulting services to organizations on cybersecurity frameworks, policies, incident response planning, security governance, and compliance management.


Security Monitoring and Threat Intelligence

Implementing systems for continuously monitoring networks, systems, and applications to detect and respond to security incidents in real-time. Providing threat intelligence services to identify emerging threats and trends.


Secure Software Development

Assisting organizations in developing secure software by conducting secure code reviews, implementing secure coding practices, and integrating security throughout the software development life cycle.


Data Privacy and Protection

Assisting organizations in implementing privacy frameworks, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations, and securing sensitive data through encryption, access controls, and data loss prevention measures.