Use Cases and Business Benefits of Power Apps

Use Cases and Business Benefits of Power Apps

What is PowerApps?

Power Apps is a tool that allows you to create custom apps, leveraging many of the features of the Office 365 and Microsoft platform. Power Apps allows business users to create, run and maintain an application without having to research the intricacies of developing and maintaining its infrastructure. These apps can be shared on Windows, iOS, and Android devices.

Power Apps offers a compelling business case for leaders. The accessibility level of the software tool is one of its most prominent features. It helps increase the business results for the employees in your organization and enhances optimization and automation.

In order to help you understand how Microsoft Power Apps will help your business, we will be providing some of the best use cases of PowerApps in this blog post which are as follows.

Use Cases of PowerApps in Organizations:

1. Employee onboarding App:

A key feature of Power Apps is its ability to communicate with other Office 365 workloads and tap data on several services such as Outlook, calendars, and tasks. Many companies use the free PowerApps template to generate an onboard board application that helps human resources and support new joiners in the onboarding process. These Apps provide links to policy guidelines for new employees, contact information for team members and many other resources that new employees can use to complete their internal profiles.

2. Mobile app for inspections and reviews:

Another popular Power Apps use case for construction, healthcare and retailers' companies involve the ability to capture images of products and other products during inspections using a mobile camera and its GPS-collected data. The customized inspection mimics the hosted database with some information collected in SharePoint or in the general data service layer.

3. Sales intake forms:

Power Apps with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 subscription is very helpful for the employees who visit client sites and who need to finish a sales order outside the office. Microsoft PowerApps integration with Dynamics allows users to capture and embed data into Dynamics 365 CRM with easy-to-collect forms.

4. Service requests Apps:

Companies use the powerful platform to create an interactive help desk tool that allows users to submit IT tickets from the App. They use PowerApps to buy orders, collect human resources, facility management, and other service requests.

5. New user setup scenarios:

Power Apps is the best platform for streamlining new user setup processes. It provides simple and hassle-free hiring forms in recruiting managers to finish and submit sections required for new employees. Most of the companies are now combining Power Apps forms with Microsoft Flow for automating workflows and approvals.

Business Benefits of PowerApps:

Better Data Integration: If your organization uses Microsoft's Common Data Service (CDS), PowerApps provide access to commercial data; from over 200 different data sources such as OneDrive, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Excel, Salesforce, SharePoint, Dropbox, and Dynamics 365. This way, employees can also share data efficiently regardless of their location.

Wide Availability: The power Apps platform is available with a subscription to Outlook Office 365. As PowerApps has wide availability, you can build a variety of applications to connect with diverse platforms. In this way, it converts many manual business processes into automated and digital processes.

Ensured Security: With the integration of Power Apps within the organization, you have whole control over the apps through the administration centre. Employees can view their saved applications and user control options and manage data and permissions. Additionally, every application developed with this powerful tool is automatically integrated with Microsoft's Active Directory Domain Service (ADDS), which is responsible for authenticating and enforcing security policies for all the users and other devices.

Automatic functions: With the integration of Power Apps, companies will be able to automate their functions and processes, setting aside the manual entry of data. Through push notifications, you can send updates and relevant data directly to buyers and workers on their smartphones. Additionally, it provides features such as troubleshooting and reporting even when Admins are outside the office.

Increased productivity: By creating applications that meet the needs of the organization and automating processes, greater productivity is achieved. Employees save time doing repetitive and manual tasks and optimize their time well to devote more tasks to the organization.

Wrapping Up:

Microsoft PowerApps is the best solution if your business is struggling to meet today's data collection needs. It is possible to increase the performance of your organization, especially with apps like Power BI, Microsoft Flow, and Dynamics 365.

Quadrant Technologies is a Microsoft Gold partner and is actively working on implementing and conceptualizing power platform solutions to transform your workplace digitally and automate and streamline your complex business processes. If you need support and advice with Microsoft Power Apps for your business, please reach out to us.