Ways to Simplify Your Database Migration Journey

Ways to Simplify Your Database Migration Journey

Today the businesses of the modern age no longer prefer to use old technologies. With the invention of the latest technologies, businesses are also preparing themselves technically to embrace the changes. Database migration is one of the most vital technical changes which has already taken place. As we are less aware of the concept of database migration, as soon as we hear the term numerous questions pop into our mind, such as what is database migration? Why it is necessary for businesses? How is it done? Whether it is safe for our business or not? What is needed for it? Etc. Relax, in this article, we will provide you with all the required answers regarding Database Migration solutions.

No matter what your business is, you must handle a lot of data on the regular basis. The amount of data depends on the type of your business you are running. There are some kinds of sectors like banks, or insurance companies who are dealing with sensitive customer data which demands more security, although, all kinds of business or the customer’s data need security irrespective of the business type. Sometimes, this data needs to be transferred from one computer environment to another. So, it is evident that it is an unavoidable challenge that each business has already faced or will have to face in the future. No business can avoid it. All businesses must need some kind of database Migration solutions.

The process of database is not as easy as it sounds. It demands a large amount of time. The process is multi-stepped and involves numerous activities, such as testing, data profiling, planning, etc. So, one can easily understand that the whole task demands much time and enormous effort. So, if you are in the need of migrating your data, the best thing you can do is to take the assistance of the migration tools. These tools are highly popular for providing migration solutions by saving your time and effort.

What is data migration?

To be very precise data migration is the process of moving data from one storage solution to another. Although the definition is simple, in real life the task is not so simple. At the time of the migration of the data, you may need to face several challenges like changing the database schema, reformatting, or transforming the data, redoing your database or the applicational logic, etc.

When data migration is necessary?

Data migration is needed when moving data from one storage solution which are no longer supported by the organization. Migration solutions also become necessary when any company decides to move its entire data to a more modern database to support the latest use cases. It becomes necessary to improve the availability of the data to other applications which may need access.

At the time of data migration, the point of concern is to maintain the security and integrity of the data. To ensure this, you only need two things. One is the right data migration solutions and the other one is a robust data migration plan. Before the selection, you must analyze all these things. The right selection will make you free from the fear of data leakage, bug problems, or data integrity issues and you can only enjoy a seamless and hassle-free migration experience.

Is data migration and ETL the same?

Many people often confuse data migration with ETL. ETL is the short form for “extract, transform and load”. It is a process that is typically followed in the case of extracting data from one source location and based on a set of requirements it is transformed and loaded into a target location. The process of data migration is completely different. It includes data cleaning, data prefiling, checking data quality, data validation, etc. when you are transforming data and moving it to a new solution, you need to be more conscious as there are many points of concern. The process of Database Migration solutions is tougher.

How to manage the data migration?

The gravity of the data is the thing of main concern when you are operating Database Migration solutions. It includes factors like inserting a smaller data set into a large data set and the amount of its use. Moreover, the entire process of data migration includes some threats like applicational instability, data corruption, data leakage, long downtime, or data loss. So, the correct operation or configuration of the target system is necessary as a large part of the entire data migration process depends on these. The wrong operation or the incorrect configuration may result in data corruption or data loss. After the arrival of data, how must know how to validate it before using it or taking the source system offline. The process of data migration involves some risks.

● Maintaining the format of the data is a challenge. You should take the help of any data migration tool to handle this problem regarding data migration solutions.

● The volume of data and the speed of transferring data is continuously growing, so, the chosen Database Migration solutions should be able to process a large amount of data quickly and efficiently.

● The data with different detail levels will be quite difficult to process. You may need extra concern to solve this matter.

● You will have to support the constant updating of the data migration system always to fulfill all the business requirements.

How to choose the best Database Migration solutions?

The selection of the best Database Migration solutions can save you time, resources, and effort. But before choosing the tools, you must make solid planning for the data migration to make the whole process smoother. You should evaluate all the available migration tools, you should assess the project, and find out the critical areas as well as the scope of the project. Apart from these drawing a test plan for all the stages of the migration is essential and needs to observe the process of execution with great care. Don’t forget to update the migration system depending on the changes in the business requirements or new data formats.

At the time of selecting migration solutions, you should consider some points. They are listed below.

● The origin and the landing place of the data is indicating the fact that whether the migration system matches your migration project or not. You should be sure whether the tool is designed to handle this project and the format of the data it supports.

● Tool functionality is important. You must check whether the data migration tool is maintaining the quality of data or not. The tool that you are going to choose must allow you to plan and control the workflows. To enjoy more customization, you can search for automated scripting tools. It will give you a more satisfactory experience.

● Depending on the skill and knowledge of your employee, you should select a tool that will be easy for them to handle the entire process. The level of their knowledge is highly important as it may cast a deep impact on the budget you are going to spend on it.

● Check if the tool that you are going to choose can handle the data migration issues like data leakage, data corruption, possible downtime, or system failure. If you don’t find it suitable enough to handle these issues, it will be wiser not to opt for it.

● No matter whether your business is small or large, the prime factor that influences the selection of the migration tool is the range of price. It matters. The price of the tool should not exceed the budget that you are going to spend on it. Never forget to scale your future needs and the cost related to them.

● Always check the support system. You may need to implement the support system at any moment especially when you are new to the platform or the system. You always need help in case you face any serious issues.

What is the specialty of the data migration tools?

If you want to get complete Database Migration solutions, you must go for the option of choosing data migration tools. They can perform different types of tasks related to database migration. So, to solve all kinds of complicated data migration issues and to keep your data safe from corruption or leakage, it will be better to choose an efficient data migration tool.


You must sort out all the complications for getting your desired results. The process of migration solutions can provide you with more benefits than you can expect if you can choose the right tools. It will make the entire process of data migration easier and smoother. Moreover, an efficient tool will remove all the possible threats like data breaching, data loss, lowering the data quality, etc. Help your business a little in migrating data in a more secure, reliable, and quick way.

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