A Simple Overview of a Cloud Data Company

A Simple Overview of a Cloud Data Company

A Simple Overview of a Cloud Data Company

A cloud data company is a cloud service provider that offers its clients digital data storage in off-site data centres. Along with storage facilities, these companies also provide applications and other services on the cloud. These cloud computing companies are also called cloud service providers or CSPs. Cloud service providers are like big data centres that allow users to access, store and manage their data in a versatile cost-effective manner. Any customer can use these cloud centres to manage their enterprise.

Although data centres have been here since the 1940s, it was mostly availed by big companies. It was not possible then for any small or medium enterprises to afford these data centres. The cost of using these data centres was too huge for any medium or small-sized enterprises. As a result, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises employed huge workforces to manage their IT operations. This is used to drive up the operational cost. Ultimately it became impossible for small or medium-sized businesses to compete with the big enterprises. So, the market was mostly controlled by the big IT giants. But with the debut of these cloud computing companies or data centres, IT facilities have become accessible for everyone. This has helped many small and medium enterprises to scale up their business.

Cloud services have revolutionised the IT industry in recent times. Today a customer can avail of cloud services from a cloud data company over a simple internet connection from anywhere in the globe. It has become extremely user-friendly for customers to do cloud computing.

What is cloud computing?

Previously, we used to store data in files manually. Later that was replaced by hard drives and servers. But both have some limitations. So as time moved forward, the need for better storage and process of data has increased. This is where cloud computing comes in. Today cloud computing has taken over the physical data storage industry. Not only in the storage industry but in other IT services too.

Simply put, cloud computing is the delivery of various IT services over the internet. For instance, services like storage, database, analytics, hosting, networks, and software over a simple internet connection. All these cloud computing services are provided by a data centre or a cloud data company. They provide you to store, retrieve data and run applications smoothly.

Although big data centres were here for a long time, they were mainly used by a few big companies. These data centres were out of common people to reach and mean. But with the advent of cloud computing services in the market, everything has changed drastically. Cloud computing in recent times has grown rapidly because of its simplicity. It simplifies the IT infrastructure, which helps enterprises to run their websites smoothly. Quadrant Technologies is a leading cloud data company in the market. Over the years their agile framework has helped several companies to scale up their business.

Types of cloud service provided by a cloud data company

There are three kinds of cloud computing services that are offered by a cloud data company.


SaaS is the most known cloud computing service type provided by a cloud data company. This software from the cloud company can now be accessed via the internet through any browser. So, any individual can access these SaaS products anytime from anywhere in the globe. While some SaaS software is free to use, many demand a subscription fee for their service. Similarly, there are other SaaS products which have a free version with limited features and a pro version with all the features. The main advantage of using SaaS products is that it does not need any kind of equipment installation or maintenance. That’s why SaaS is very popular in the market. Some examples of SaaS products are Google Docs, Dropbox, and Salesforce.


PaaS is another cloud computing service offered by a cloud data company. It provides the framework to create and run web applications. PaaS offers customers to build, launch, test run, and update the whole application lifecycle on one platform. This way the customer does not need to purchase different hardware infrastructure to build an application. This is a very cost-effective service to build and run web applications. Additionally, PaaS also offers development tools intelligence tools, and middleware software to enterprises. Some examples of PaaS are AWS Elastic Beanstalk, Google App Engine, and Windows Azure.


IaaS provides consumers to get access to basic components of the IT ecosystem, for example, storage, network, servers, and virtualisation. Without any prior requirement for major onsite physical hardware infrastructures, IaaS provides enterprises to have access to different platforms and applications through the internet. Some notable examples are Amazon EC2, Digital Ocean, and Google Compute Engine.

Apart from services, there are different types of cloud deployment models offered by a cloud data company. Based on scalability, accessibility, and ownership a cloud deployment model is determined. A cloud deployment model is where the servers are located. It is the customer cloud infrastructure which can be modified accordingly. Cloud deployment models build links between the customer and a cloud data company's infrastructure. Moreover, cloud computing models can be classified into four groups based on deployment, such as:

Public Cloud

Public cloud infrastructure is accessible to everyone. So, anybody who has an internet connection can access this cloud system. As everyone on the internet can use this cloud system, it might be less secure. Public clouds are generally made to allow the public or some industries to have full access to the cloud infrastructure.

Private Cloud

Private clouds are the opposite of public clouds. It is a single-user or a company cloud interface where no third party can access this cloud’s infrastructure. This cloud system is also considered the most secure than any other model of cloud infrastructure. It has a strong firewall to stop any kind of infiltration. The main advantage of using this cloud infrastructure is the flexibility and control over cloud data and resources.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid Cloud infrastructure combines the best features of public and private cloud infrastructure. It builds a barrier system between the public and private cloud infrastructure. Using a hybrid cloud infrastructure, you can get the benefit of secure hosting and the affordable infrastructure of the public cloud. It depends on an enterprise how wants to use its cloud infrastructure.


In this system, numerous cloud infrastructures are used in a single system. Sometimes it is compared to hybrid cloud infrastructure. But in the multi-cloud infrastructure, various public clouds are used together rather than combining both private and public clouds. So, in multi-cloud deployment the reliability of services increases.

So, most enterprises today understand the importance of cloud computing services. A cloud service can help an enterprise to scale up in a very short period. It helps to save the operational cost of an enterprise. But selecting the right cloud data company is very important for any enterprise. A good cloud service provider is expected to give cost-effective and quality services. So, choose the right cloud service provider that suits your enterprise.

Most businesses are moving to the cloud these days, because of the advantages provided by cloud data companies. So, if you are looking for a good cloud data company for your business then Quadrant Technologies is the ideal option for you. Quadrant Technologies is one of the best cloud data company in the market. With years of experience, they are providing cloud services to many enterprises all around the globe. So come and get in touch with them to incorporate integrated cloud services into your enterprise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does a cloud data company do?

A cloud data company provides a virtual space for businesses to store and process their data. With just an internet connection and subscription fee one can avail of all the services of any cloud data company.

2. Why should businesses use cloud computing?

The main advantages of using cloud computing services for businesses are increased storage capacity for data, effective functionality, quick scalability, increased productivity, low maintenance, and affordability. Moreover, cloud computing services are accessible from anywhere in the globe with just a simple internet connection.

3. What are the main benefits of using services provided by a cloud data company?

Although there are various benefits of cloud data companies, here we will talk about the main benefits of hiring a cloud data company.

Cost-effective- Integrating with a cloud data company will help you to save the operational costs of the businesses.

Security- Cloud service provider has multiple layers of safety barriers to keep data safe.

Backup -A cloud data company provides data backup options to their clients. Once you have stored your data on the cloud, you will have access to them anytime.

Scalability-A cloud computing service provider offers high scalability to its clients. Support-Cloud data companies provide necessary IT support to their customers.

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