Challenges of Incorporating Blockchain into Cloud Service

Challenges of Incorporating Blockchain into Cloud Service

Blockchain technology with its extraordinary features like transparency and confidentiality has won the tech industry by storm. Cloud is another technical assistance that is largely used by major businesses today. Undoubtedly it is an unbeatable solution for data backup, software development, and testing, data storage, data recovery, etc. Apart from these, countless advantages are largely offered by a cloud solutions company. If you think that the use of cloud service is not limited to the IT or software industry, then you are completely wrong. Industries like retail, automotive, and healthcare are also opting for cloud solution services to deal effectively with business issues and build innovative business solutions. But the thing which remains a mystery to most of us is that what is the necessity of incorporating blockchain technology into cloud service. The answer is very simple. Although cloud service has numerous benefits, it includes some limitations. Here comes the importance of including blockchain. Indeed, the inclusion of blockchain into cloud solutions services can be regarded as a revolutionary step towards technical advancements. Collaborating with blockchain, the cloud service can provide more improved services like compact data privacy, more confined network security, and more scalability and flexibility. If you want to get the most improved and advanced solutions for your business, you must grab the advantages of including blockchain in cloud computing service.

The advantages of including blockchain in cloud computing service

We have already understood the importance of including blockchain in cloud computing services for getting supreme quality security. But apart from security, there are also numerous benefits that blockchain technology can offer. The practice has become common. If you choose any popular cloud solutions company irrespective of any location, you can get the advantage of using a cloud solution service powered by blockchain technology. Let’s have a look at the other benefits provided by the inclusion of blockchain technology in cloud computing services.

1. Increased visibility:

Visibility is regarded as a common threat to a cloud solutions company. Blockchain technology provides more transparency. In the case of a public blockchain, the matter of transparency is regarded as a matter of true concern. Here the visibility of every action is very clear which prevents the corruption of data. After the creation of a chain of blocks the stored data can never be altered.

2. Advanced security:

When it comes to security, nothing can beat blockchain technology. The matter of privacy and security is regarded as one of the most important challenges to a cloud solutions company. With the help of encryption technology, it provides you with improved database protection.

3. Eliminates the third party:

A normal cloud computing service includes a third-party provider which increases the risk of data leakage, but in the case of blockchain, it is entirely managed by codes and does not include any third party.

4. Easy tracking:

Blockchain technology assure more data integrity, as the data contained inside a blockchain can never be altered. Besides, you can easily track when, how, and from where it is being applied and by whom.

What are the challenges of the inclusion of blockchain technology into cloud computing services?

Although the incorporation of blockchain technology in cloud computing services has become quite common, there are still some challenges related to it. No matter what cloud solutions company you are going to choose, you must face some common challenges which need to be removed to get a constant flow of service.

● Despite providing a high level of security, the lack of appropriate transaction management can lead to data leakage and system damage.

● Technical complexity is one of the primary challenges which demands primary attention. At the time of incorporating blockchain technology in cloud computing, you will have to deal with complex mathematical issues. The entire process demands powerful computation hardware, along with a good flow of electricity and human resources. Sometimes it may lead to a high operational cost.

● The lack of professional experts is another challenge which is related to this matter. As it is comparatively a new technology there are very few specialists available in the market who can deal with the problems of blockchain technology. There is a very high demand for blockchain-savvy experts in the market. To provide the best blockchain solution a famous cloud solutions company will always prefer to employ a top blockchain specialist. The company will have to offer a large salary package to him.

How to deal with the challenges of blockchain technology?

Although the challenges of blockchain technology are hard to deal with, there are some ways to deal with the problems. They are listed below.

1. Blockchain technology is an interconnected system that demands multi-tier technical support along with a fair maintenance system. You should make good arrangements for performing software deployment, code optimization, version updates, adding new functionality, etc.

2. There is a scarcity of eminent professional experts who can effectively deal with the challenges of blockchain technology. To deal with the shortage of qualified specialists, you can opt for outsourcing software development. It will help you to fill the loopholes and provide the most attractive experience to the clients.

3. Before stepping into the process, you must arrange for good transaction management. Otherwise, the security of your data and system may be subject to risk.

4. To handle the problem of technical complexity, you may switch to the option of hiring a professional expert. This option may be a little problematic for you as you will have to pay a large salary package. In that case, you may go for the option of outsourcing software development. It will make you free from all problems. The situation is quite the same for even the best cloud solutions company.


There are many tools and frameworks available in the market which will help you in incorporating blockchain technology in cloud computing. Apart from the best cloud solutions company, Oracle, Amazon Web Service, and Alibaba Cloud also provides blockchain cloud services. No matter who your service provider is, the primary aim of the service is to simplify the use of the open-source framework. This is indeed a very much required step to build the best blockchain-powered solutions. So, if you are taking this trend lightly or overlooking it completely, you are making a blunder. It will largely affect the profitability of your business.


1. What is the future of blockchain technology?

The high demand for the inclusion of blockchain technology in cloud computing services is an indication of the fact that in near future, this practice is going to touch the sky. Several types of research have already shown us that blockchain technology is going to be an inseparable part of the cloud computing service and it will become an unavoidable part of providing cloud service even in the case of the best cloud solutions company. In the future, empowering the cloud service with the help of blockchain technology will be the only way to ensure the maximum level of data security.

2. What is blockchain technology?

Block is still a less-known technology and that is why we are less aware of the importance of including blockchain in cloud computing services. Block is a particular type of database that is distributive in nature. In this system, data is stored in blocks electronically which leads to the creation of a chain by using a particular technology called cryptography. The data blocks which are used for making chains contain information. The necessary data is encrypted and stored inside these blocks. Several components contribute together to the creation of a block. Each block consists of a block body and a block header. The timestamp inside a block indicated the exact time of the addition of that block to the chain. The storage capacity of a single block is limited, so once they are filled, they become closed and are added to the previously filled block and thus creating a chain. If you choose a leading cloud solutions company, you may enjoy the advantages of including blockchain technology in cloud service.

Blockchain technology is called Distributed Ledger Technology. This is called so as it can store and record transactions and track digital assets. Inside each block, several transactions can be recorded and when a new transaction occurs, the record is added to the ledger of every participant. The most outstanding feature of the blockchain is that the transaction record only can be distributed, it can be copied or transferred by anyone else. It is impossible to alter or remove a block after it is added to the chain. It will keep your data safe from hacking, as it is impossible to corrupt a blockchain without changing every block. There is a high demand of getting cloud computing services in the market powered by the blockchain. That is why many cloud solutions company has already introduced advanced quality cloud computing services powered by blockchain technology.

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