Make Your Website Accessible to Everyone to Improve Business

Make Your Website Accessible to Everyone to Improve Business

What is Web Accessibility?

Web accessibility is the ability to access a website, application, or software for people with disabilities that affects their hearing, knowledge, vision, and/or motor functions. To assist people with disabilities, there are a variety of hardware and software technology tools making it easier to navigate a website and understand its content. Screen readers, screen magnifiers, trackpads or alternative keyboards, eye-tracking tools, etc. are some of the best examples of web accessibility tool.

Web accessibility ensures that everyone can access the contents and functionalities of the website regardless of any physical barriers. Permanent disability aside, the website should also make it easier for people with any other type of disabilities such as a temporary, situation or conditional disabilities.

Here are some of the key aspects important in website accessibility:

  • Keyboard Navigation
  • Readable fonts
  • Good contrasts
  • Easy web forms
  • Instructions
  • Clear title structure
  • Information link texts
  • Use of ARIA attributes in HTML
  • Friendliness to screen readers
  • Images are provided with descriptions
  • Videos and audios provided with captions, descriptions, or transcripts.

Five Major Significance of Website Accessibility:

Here, we will be giving the top 5 reasons why web accessibility is very important to improve your business growth. Please have a look:

1) Building Business Brands

Having a well-accessible website means that your business is attentive, inclusive, best practices and timely to all customers. It showcases the quality of your brand, grabs the attention of customers and partners who would like to be part of a better culture. The accessibility compliance service providers help in improving web access and building business brand value.

2) Protection from Lawsuits

There is no need of attracting lawsuits if you have web accessibility. These are made possible by the Americans Disability Act (ADA), whose major principle is to give everyone equal opportunities and access. In 2018, the number of web access lawsuits filed was exceeded by 10,000 in federal courts under Title III. This shows tremendous growth and expects to grow further.

One of the examples is the notable lawsuit against Beyonce over access to her official website in the year 2019. This lawsuit alleges that the website violates the ADA and prevents visually impaired people from accessing data and booking concert tickets. This is referred to as “illegal discrimination”.

3) Improves SEO Ranking

Your business website will be more friendly to assistive technologies such as screen readers, which will be appreciated by search engines. In general, Google search engine likes the proper hierarchical title structures, Information meta descriptions, ALT text describing the contents of the pictures, Video captions, Audio transcripts and other web accessibility methods. By following all these web accessibility methods, you will soon get a good ranking for your web pages.

4) Reaches a wide audience:

Website accessibility improves your potential audience by adding more users to your website. Here are the facts of the disability population –

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 15% of the population across the world has a disability.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 26% of adults in the United States have some form of disability.

So, if you do not like to leave a quarter of your targeted audience, make your website accessible for people with disability.

In addition, it is crucial to include people who view content in different local languages, browses site with slow internet, suffers from temporary trauma, etc. to benefit from access.

5) Improved Conversions:

If a wide range of people can use your website conveniently, a greater number of people can reach good conversions. The context above is a clear example of buying tickets to Beyonce concerts.

Each phase of the purchase, registration, membership, and other procedures on the website should be accessible to everyone. This is accomplished through accessible form CTA buttons, error messages, field labels, etc.

Top 7 Web Accessibility Tools:

Here are some of the best online website accessibility tools Accessibility Compliance Service providers use to check and validate your website’s accessibility compliance:

  • Accessibility Developer Tools
  • A11Y Compliance Platform
  • Accessibility checklist
  • Contrast-finder
  • DYNO Mapper
  • ColorTester
  • WAVE

How to Improve Web Accessibility?

Website designers and developers can improve web accessibility by using universal design principles when developing or redesigning a business website. In addition, it ensures that the community with disabilities can access a specific website with their assistive technology.

  • Simple and easy to use: Website design is easy to understand regardless of user knowledge, experience, or language skills.
  • Flexibility in use: Design has a wide range of personal preferences and capabilities.
  • Equal use: Design is very useful and marketable to people with different abilities.
  • Perceptual information: The design effectively conveys the information the user needs, regardless of the user’s sensory abilities or surrounding conditions.
  • Reduce physical effort: Design can be used comfortably and efficiently with minimal effort.
  • Error tolerance: Reduces design hazards and the negative consequences of unintentional or accidental actions.
  • Size and space for policy and use: The user is provided with appropriate space and size for approach, manipulation, reach and use regardless of body shape, size, or mobility.

In addition, development teams will follow the Web Content Access Guidelines (WCAG), making sure that people with various disabilities can access and use their applications, websites and many more.

Make Your Website More Accessible

Accessibility has become a necessity rather than an optional feature for the website. Hence, your site should be accessible to everyone including those with disabilities, visually impaired, mobility impaired, elderly, blind, etc. So, it is time to access your website and improve business revenue.

At Quadrant Technologies, our experienced and professional Accessibility Compliance Service providers will check your website for contrast, keyboard navigation, font size and many other features to make sure your website is accessible to everyone.

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